How to get from Munich Airport to Hauptbahnhof (All Options Compared)

All options at a glance

Price (for X people)
04:04–01:44 41min ~14€ ~28€ ~28€ ~28€
05:15–20:00 45min ~11€ ~22€ ~33€ ~44€
24/7 45min ~70€ ~70€ ~70€ ~70€


How to get from Munich airport to “Hauptbahnhof” by train

Two main train lines connect Munich Airport and  to the main train station “Hauptbahnhof”: S1 and S8. Waiting time is about 10 minutes since there are multiple S-Bahn trains that operate the route between the two hubs on a daily basis. Travelling by train is the probably the fastest option to get to the main train station since the journey takes only 41 minutes and there are no traffic jams.

How much is the train from Munich airport to “Hauptbahnhof” station?

We recommend buying the AirportPlus Ticket. It allows you to travel to  the main train station of Munich and using any other train until 06:00 the following day. Price currently is 14,80€ for one person and 27,80€ for groups up to five people.

14,80 €
Trip duration

41 minutes (Waiting time is around 10 minutes).


04:04 a.m. – 01:44 a.m.

Value for money


Where do the trains leave at Munich airport?

The Airport Train Station is located on the lowest level of central area between Terminal 1 and 2. You can’t miss it if you follow the green “S” signs from the arrivals hall.

With trains leaving about every 10 minutes you don’t have to expected long waiting times or crowded train. Furthermore, the train journey is short and inexpensive (One day of public transport included!)

General Advice

Validate your tickets before getting on a train.

A day ticket for children aged 6 to 14 costs €3.20. They are allowed unlimited trips over the entire network during that day.

Children under 6 travel for free.


*The routes of the two lines are quite different. Both stop at “Hauptbahnhof” train station.

Munich Public Transportation Map

How to get from Munich airport to main train station by bus

Several bus routes are maintained by Lufthansa operating only the route from the airport to the main train station of Munich. Those vehicles depart from the airport every 20 minutes and the average travel time is 45 minutes.

How much is the bus from Munich airport to “Hauptbahnhof” train station

The regular one-way ticket for the Lufthansa Airport bus costs 11€. Tickets can be purchased online or from the bus driver.

Trip duration

45 minutes (buses leaving every 20 minutes).


06:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Value for money


Where do the airport buses leave at Munich airport?

The airport buses of Lufthansa depart from both terminals as well as the Munich airport center. The bus stops can easily be found once leaving the airport.


Taking the bus is a great alternative, especially when traveling with a lot of luggage or bexause of the comfortable seats. And they offer free Wi-Fi!


Lufthansa Airport bus schedule (Munich Airport – Hauptbahnhof train station)

How to get from Munich airport to “Hauptbahnhof” by taxi

The most convenient way of traveling to the airport  is definitely by taxi, saving you time and effort arriving at Munich “Hauptbahnhof” and waiting for public transport. Taxis in Munich are generally considered as being very safe. All Munich airport taxis have the same look – cream-colored and have official taxi roof signs. The average trip duration from the airport to the main train station is 45 minutes, but that may change, depending on traffic.

How much does a Taxi from Munich airport to Hauptbahnhof train station cost?

Taxi prices from Munich Airport to the City Center will be charged on the meter, and are therefore based on the exact location of your destination. You can expect the price to be about 70€. Additional charges for extra luggage and driving on public holiday may be added.

You can find better prices by booking your ride in advance!

Trip duration

45 minutes



Value for money


Where do I find a taxi at Munich airport?

Leaving the airport you will easily be able to find the official taxi stands located just outside  each terminal and in the central area on level E03.


A taxi trip from Munich airport to the main train station can be costly. However, if you do not want to waste time at the airport in order to catch a train, taxis offer fast, safe and reliable services.

Good to know:

  • Taxis in Munich can take up to 4 people and 3 pieces of luggage
  • Taxi minivans or station wagons can provide transportation for more than 4 people,
  • Make sure to have the address of you destination

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